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KickingForPeace – Spring 2018

In spring 2017 a team of KickBikers crossed Cyprus first time from Baths of Aphrodite/Akamas to Apostolos
Andreas in a 17 hours ride along the northern coastline of the island. The aim of the project was first to
make this sport attractive in Cyprus and second to be a pilot project for a bigger event in 2018 –
“KickingForPeace” – on KickBikes around the island in 7 days.
The plans for the 2018 project include the participation of enthusiastic KickBikers or bikers from both
communities and from abroad, peace events at the checkpoints and press conferences with the
Another important focus of the project is to promote Kickbikes as a new healthy and environmentally
friendly means of transportation as well as a new sport in Cyprus. A KickBike is the ideal city vehicle, it´s
safer than a normal bike and much faster than walking. There are already several interested bike shops on
both sides of the island and they need an advertising boost for this new fascinating sport.