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  • No chains or derailleurs to retailer your pant legs or repair
  • No uncomfortable seat to swing your leg over – particularly important for those folks recovering from an injury or hip or knee surgery
  • Getting on and off the bike is much quicker and safer
  • Riding at about 16 km/hr will burn 700 cal/hr as compared to 450 cal/hr on a regular bike (walking is about 350 cal/hr)
  • The Kickbike is easy to fit into anyone’s lifestyle and can be ridden year round outdoors


  • Kickbikes are about 1/2 to 2/3 as fast as a regular bike
  • When riding uphill you will need to change your cadence as there are no gears to assist you
  • Kickbikes are more physically demanding, as they encourage the use of about 90% of your muscles


The Kickbike’s main advantage over running is in injury reduction.  The forces generated at footstrike when running are equal to about 3 times a persons body weight. The support leg is being asked to not only propel the body forward but must also help keep the body upright or erect.    That ‘s a lot of strain on a single leg hundreds of times during a run or jog.  On a Kickbike those forces are off loaded to the other parts of the body – the support leg on the footplate, the arms and shoulders.  So the active leg on a Kickbike is not  experiencing the same stresses on the joints or ligaments because it is not also supporting the body while kicking – other parts of the body are helping to support your weight while the active leg is kicking.